Moisture can build up in the ceiling of your homes – especially during the winter. This can cause rot, or mildew and mould. To help combat these problems a well-designed roof ventilation system should be installed. These can vary depending on the issues in your home and the design of the house. A common system will use exhaust fans that extract heat and moisture from the home through a roof vent.

During the summer, homeowners spend huge amounts of money to cool their homes because they have unventilated roofs. Heat becomes trapped in the roof cavity which causes uncomfortable “oven-like” living conditions.

Check out the leading Australian designed and made ventilation system Odyssey to cool your come, control condensation and warm your house in winter.

We are Sydney based roof ventilation and whirlybird installation and maintenance/repair specialists.

You can sleep peacefully when you use Natural Home Solutions knowing that you are covered for both product and workmanship, including a full manufacturer’s warranty.

We provide a 100% Guarantee on all of our work.

Along with the full manufacturer's warranty. The manufacturer Edmonds and Natural Home Solutions are established Businesses in the Sydney area with a reputation for quality.

Insulation is a great way to reduce heat transfer through your ceiling.

Your roof cavity can reach over 75 degrees Celsius in summer, Insulation can reduce the temperature radiating through your ceiling on average by about 25 degrees celsius. This is still a lot of heat radiating through your ceiling.

An adequate roof ventilation system can reduce the roof cavity temperature by another 20 degrees Celsius! So by combining ceiling insulation and roof ventilation you could reduce your ceiling temperature by 45 degrees!!

Temperatures will vary due to many factors including- roof type, roof colour, house orientation, shade etc

This depends on which product you wish to install.

To find out how many you need all you need to do is contact us and we can often provide an estimation over the phone.

No- all of our products are made and tested here in Australia.

They are made for Australian homes in Australian climates. Our ventilation manufacturer Edmonds has been around for 75years and offers the longest and broadest guarantee on the market.

This is why we only use and recommend their products.

There are various factors in deciding where to install your roof ventilators/ skylights. Such as which area you live in and the wind patterns of the area, house orientation, surrounding houses/buildings, trees etc.

All of our installers are trained and will have plans to locate where to install the ventilators on your home.

Fire Zones are required to have a spark guard installed to prevent flying embers from entering your roof space.

We can supply and install these also.

Please contact our specialist team to find out more about Roof Ventilators in Fire Zones