Odyssey The Smart Natural Ventilation Solution

The Odyssey system was developed by Australians for Australians and designed specifically to combat the extreme Aussie climate. The system, which works intuitively to provide the most comfortable living environment possible, is the smartest, most technologically advanced system on the market.

Odyssey Benefits

Provides Cool & Confort

Odyssey is naturally driven by the outside air, This means your family can enjoy fresh, not conditioned or artificially dry, air year-round. Odyssey operates more quietly than most air-conditioners.

Saves Energy and Money

Odyssey can replace the air in a 150 Sq. meter home in 11 minutes using about the same power as a single halogen downlight. Save energy, save money.

Healthy Home

Odyssey exhausts moist and humid air from your home, preventing mould and bacteria from forming. Our proactive system will keep you and your loved ones healthy.

Choose an Odyssey system to suit your home and budget

Odyssey H1800

Control the temperature of your whole home with the switch of a button.

Odyssey HR2100

Fully automated ventilation system with a touch screen control panel and humidity sensors.